This Mobile optimized Website “1001bricks mobile” is a snapshot of the contents of our BrickLink® Shop “1001bricks”, updated on 04/05/2019 00:52.

Dernière évolution de ce site : 10/2013.

Conçu pour Smartphones, Tablettes, Kindle…
Il est aussi utilisable sur ordinateurs de bureau, portables…

Les affichages varient selon le navigateur et le système.
Testé sous iPhone, Android 2.x à 4.x, Windows XP et 7, Ubuntu, Kindle…
Avec Dolphin, Dolphin Mini, Thunderbird, Google Chrome…

Infos rapides :

(Texte non traduit, et provisoire pour cette version Beta…)

It is a snapshot of the contents of our BrickLink's Shop: 1001bricks.


It provides you with different ways to Search (by reference, description, LEGO DesignID…), Filter (by Category…) and browse our Inventory.
It displays the item picture (small or bigger), reference, color, description, availability, price, etc.
There is a link you can tap or click that will send you to our shop if you wish to order the corresponding item.

You can use it during a building session with your Smartphone on hand, or to discuss about parts or show their reference with other people while in exhibition, etc.


The Shop Inventory is updated once to a few times per day.
As it's not updated in real time, there may be differences in price, items or quantities between this snapshot and our on line Shop.

We use the BrickLink references and color naming.
LEGO or Peeron (and others) conventions may differ.